Future Farmers or America - A timeless organization

I love it when I get asked to photograph something new and different. One of my Senior models, Summer, is a 4 year member of the FFA organization at Huntland High School in Huntland, Tennessee. She has served in FFA as the treasurer and now in her senior year, the FFA reporter. Summer was the first 1st place winner of the State Quiz Bowl for Huntland in their long history of being a part of FFA. The Huntland team also took home 1st place (2020-21) in the FFA Quiz Bowl, another Huntland High School first.

FFA is more than just an organization that talks about farming or an easy elective to get through school. FFA is a proud organization rooted in helping community and teaching young minds how to become responsible contributors to society through classroom instruction, supervised agricultural experiences and life skills. The Huntland FFA chapter has a green house on campus where they raise plants and have a yearly plant sale in the community. The Students also go into the elementary school and read to the younger children as part of their service to the community. The coolest thing is Tractor day where the students in the program can drive their tractor to school and display them in the parking lot.

If you look at the FFA emblem you will notice it is a cross section of an ear of corn. This serves as the foundation for the emblem as corn has been a foundation crop since the beginning of this country. The rising sun signifies progress and a promise of a new day. The plow signifies labor and hard work. The eagle is a national symbol reminding us of our freedoms and the owl represents wisdom and knowledge.

A proud organization, in a proud school, supported by a proud community. This is Huntland High!